Five Cute Homemade Birthday Decorations

Birthday Decorations

When it comes to throwing someone a great birthday party, it is always a good idea to have some decorations. Birthday streamers and balloons tend to be the most popular, but there are many other birthday decorations that conjure up a feeling of happiness on someone’s birthday. Here you will find five homemade birthday decorations that are sure to brighten up a birthday party.

Homemade birthday decoration number one

Depending upon whether the birthday party is for a male or a female, the first homemade birthday decoration must be modified. Believe it or not, a lot can be done with paper plates. If the birthday party is for a male, you could get some googly eyes and glue them to a paper plate. Then, get some brown felt and cut out a mustache to glue to the plates. Put these plates on tables in the room, and your guests will be entertained.

For a female, you could paint a paper plate pink and draw a rabbit’s face on the plate. Draw in some whiskers and some chubby cheeks, and you have the perfect ornament for a girl. Plates are great for creating unique birthday decorations, because you basically start with a blank canvas. Using colored markers, you could even draw streamers on the plate. If you want to take your creativity a step further, you could get cut some paper bags and crinkle cut the paper. Paste the pieces of the bag at the top of the plate, and it looks like hair.

Homemade birthday decoration number two

Have you ever wondered how you could add a multitude of colors to a birthday party without having to work too hard? If so, this is the perfect homemade birthday decoration for you. Simply get a brightly colored rope, and hang different colored balloons from the rope. You could place two balloons side by side. But the whole point of this homemade birthday decoration is to catch the eye and create a festive mood. This decoration could be wrapped around the perimeter of a room or simply strewn across the middle of the room.

Homemade birthday decoration number three

Food art seems to have been neglected these days. Trends have moved away from using food as decorations. But the truth is that creating food art is one of the cutest and easiest ways to create birthday decorations that grab attention. You could make a cake and place strawberries on top. The strawberries can be situated, so they look like hearts and are appropriate for a girl’s birthday party.for more details, click this hyperlink.

Homemade birthday decoration number four

Never underestimate the power of flowers or the fun of playing Angry Birds. The truth is that you can create great birthday decorations with both flowers and characters. You could make a flower arrangement for a girl’s party, or you could place Angry Bird balloons on a wall for a boy.

Birthday Decorations

Homemade birthday decoration five

Then, you have milestone birthdays. We’re talking 40, 50, 60 and upward. Celebrating milestone birthdays often calls for humorous birthday decorations. You could make a birthday decoration that features people in black and white. For example, you could put black and white images of band members of The Who in a picture box to show that the guest of honor is in fact getting old.Go to for more information.

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