Floor cushions: Culture or Style

Floor Cushion

Have you ever thought about how important the accessories in the interior of your apartment or house are? For example, a simple thing as a floor cushion does not only decorate your apartment, but can also replace chairs, benches, and, in some cases, even armchairs. So, let’s sit on the floor in the literal sense and see how the interior becomes cozy, stylish and original.

Some people want to maintain bold and serious atmosphere in their home, while others look more after the comfort and coziness. These preferences do not depend on age, but on the personality type and the feel of style, according to which we choose our decorations, furniture, and accessories, some of which are especially designed to maximize the conditions for rest. They are floor cushions!

Floor cushions differ from other pillows on two criteria: size (they are bigger) and quality of filling (some retain their shape better). Some models are very similar to puffs, but they do not have a frame and are lower.

In some cultures, floor cushions are ordinary pieces of furniture, just like chairs, armchairs or sofas. In Japan, for example, they have always been the most common place to have meals or enjoy a conversation with guests. The main idea behind the floor cushions is an easy and natural way of life. That is why, Japanese style cushions look very simple and are made of natural materials. In the Arab world, luxury is in honor.Read more information straight from this source.

Their floor cushions have mostly red, gold, and other bright colors, floral or stripy patterns, which are so typical for the Muslim way of life. Arab cushions are very luxurious, and come in different sizes. In India, floor cushions are less common than in Japan or Morocco, but they look very generous and rich and are usually decorated with crystals and jewels. Since ancient times floor cushions have been used here as a place for house servants.

Floor Cushion

If you want to try floor cushions, think about how they will fit your interior. For example, measure the free floor space and imagine the colors and the sizes you are planning to choose. If the interior is quite neutral it may be worth to try multi-colored floor cushions. Follow the Eastern style; give a floor cushion a try!got to http://www.simplycushions.com.au/ for more details.

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