Home Security: How to Prevent Home Construction Theft

Surprisingly, home construction theft is not an unusual occurrence. Many thieves see home construction sites as an opportunity to steal items for their own personal gain. Home construction sites may look like bare bone entities, but the truth is that there are a number of items that burglars are looking to steal.

How do you prevent home construction theft?

While home security systems are good at preventing theft in fully built homes, they are not very effective at detecting theft in homes that are under construction. To prevent home construction theft, it is important to first figure out what methods would best draw attention to thieves who want to steal from a construction site. Because many thefts occur in the darkness, it may be a good idea to install motion activated lights that turn on when movement is detected.

Motion activated lights are good to keep people from going into the construction site, because their actions can be easily seen by others.

Many thieves look for expensive appliances on home construction sites. To prevent the home construction theft of expensive appliances, try using fencing or construction tape to cordon off the area. This works as a temporary protection from theft. The only problem is that many thieves can cut through fencing and tape, and therefore will not be fazed by this type of protection. This type of barrier also makes it more difficult for thieves to carry off large and expensive equipment.

Whether or not this method is effective will ultimately depend upon the method you choose. If you close off the area with heavy duty fencing, a burglar may be less likely to enter the construction scene. You should also take your budget into consideration. If you can’t afford fencing, you may want to opt for tape that closes off your construction area.


Home construction site theft is especially prevalent during the holiday season, so it is important to be especially vigilant during this time of year. Home construction theft is also prevalent when people go on vacation. To help prevent home construction theft during these times, it is a good idea to park and disable vehicles that are parked on the construction site, according to Vigil.com. It is also a good idea to disconnect vehicle batteries and remove tires. This makes it nearly impossible for someone to steal a vehicle. By visiting http://pro-vigil.com/2008/06/9-ways-to-stop-construction-theft-during-holidays-and-vacations/, you can learn more about how to prevent home construction theft.

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When people go away for the holidays, they don’t normally worry about theft, so it’s important to plan ahead. Though many people go away during the holiday season, many people stay home. And though many people stay at home, they are also particularly vulnerable to theft. To protect yourself from theft during the holiday season, keep presents locked up in cabinets and out of the sight of intruders, should they get into your house. One of the worst things you can do is have presents out in the open when you’re not home. You may be okay leaving presents out, if you’re at home. But it’s best to keep them locked up when you’re away.For more details visit additional reading.

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