Window Seat Cushions


In18th century tall sash windows and window seats around them were very popular. Since then window seats can be found in the kitchens, children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. The window seat are cozy nooks that allow you to sit and relax on a cold rainy day with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a favorite book in your hands or just dream about something intimate.

Despite the fact that a window seat is undoubtedly a stylish and cozy element of any interior, it cannot be really comfortable without a window seat cushion, which adds more relaxation to any window seating area. Window seat cushions have the ability to make your home more lovely and charming than ever. So, go ahead and add some color and soft feeling to the room with a new window seat cushion.

As window seat cushions are usually exposed to direct sunlight during the day, it is very important that they are made of a fade resistant fabric and have an appropriate filling. To make window seat cushions look soft and fluffy with inviting appearance, some manufacturers fill them with feathers. And to make sure that the cushions maintain the right shape, all of the feather cushions have a special internal structure. To ensure good support and comfort the feather-filled seating is filled to a generous ratio, whilst the back cushions are filled a little less. All feather upholstery should also correspond to current fire regulations.

The natural standard filling is most popular today. The curled feather shape is suitable for all types of window seat cushions as it has great lofting properties which help cushions recover after use. The cushions filled with white curled duck feather for 85 per cent and the addition of 15 per cent are less durable, but softer. 50 per cent down and 50 per cent feather combination gives excellent support and high comfort to the person. The huge content of down improves softness and helps to recover the shape.Lots of information can be found at


Heavenly comfortable window seat cushions are filled with 100 per cent of white duck down. These cushions are very warm and luxurious. Beside, you can choose the length, thickness, width and fabric you need to match your home’s decor. Prices vary according to the size and fabric selection, but a window seat cushion is usually a pricey item.for more information read my new blogs here

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